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    […] the right wing extremist "true believers" who feel "entitled" to share their obsessions with Obama (Obummer, Bammy, Chimpy, Thug-in-Chief, the Uppity Communist, Socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, Great […]

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    […] a more extensive list of nicknames provided by Brain […]

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  8. […] Source: Brainshavings […]

  9. […] Nicknames: Bush , Obama […]

  10. […] Funny, I never heard you complaining about Barak Hussein Obummer monikers used by right wing loonies.The Pretty Darn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List | […]

  11. […] The Pretty Darn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List […]

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  13. […] very same people have likened President Obama and his family as differing species of primates, and some varying disrespectful and dishonoring epithets. Even Congressional Republicans admitted that they would (and did) everything they possibly could […]

  14. […] Brain Shavings provides a list of hilarious possibilities. […]

Sportswear Air Mens White Nike Ultra 90 Essential Max Shoes,

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